May 10, 2021

Maintaining the correct posture is very important for any individual. With the right posture, your body will feel more confident and productive. Also, correct posture avoids various health issues. That said, there are many individuals who maintain incorrect posture. If you are one of them, the good news is that correcting the posture is not as difficult as one might think. 

  • Learn what good posture is
  • Many individuals believe that they will experience tension on their back if they stand up straight (maintaining a posture with a dragged-in chest and pulled down head towards the chest). In fact, it is not a bad posture. Did you know that your spine comes with two natural curves that support bending? Those are known as “S” curves. You are not supposed to disturb this natural formation. When you stand, you should stand straight all the time so the weight will be distributed perfectly to the feet. 

  • Breathing 
  • The first thing you should consider when it comes to correcting your posture is to realize that your body parts and organs are appropriately positioned when you stand straight. You will also need some breathing techniques to make it correct. When you breathe in using your nose, your abdomen will expand. You should repeat deep breaths so your chest and shoulders will rise and fall accordingly. This will stimulate your body’s core along with back muscles. That will allow you to adjust your body easily. 

  • Use a mirror to align your body 
  • If you maintain the proper body alignment, your ears must be placed above the shoulders and hips. When you align the ears with shoulders and hips, you can expect a straight line but the natural “S” formation will be slightly visible. If you feel pain, place your body sideways against the mirror. If you are forcing them back and it is an unnatural position, just stop it. 

  • Start performing exercises that strengthen the muscles of your shoulders and upper back 
  • Posture correcting exercises are not strenuous at all. You can perform these exercises with or without weights. 

    • Align your ears right above your shoulders. Raise both arms. Stretch them in full above the head alongside the ears. Your ears must be aligned all the time. Touch the shoulder blades simply by bending your forearms and do it 10 consecutive times. 


    • Now, with the same ear alignment, stretch the arms sideways at shoulder height. Maintain the same position for ten seconds. Then, lower the arms to the sides in the count of ten, gradually. Then, count to 10 again and raise the arms to the shoulder height. This should be repeated 10 times. You might feel slight fatigue but that’s completely normal.  


     On top of the above, you can consider wearing aposture corrector as well. There are posture correctors that can be worn either under or over your regular clothing. Such an accessory will help you maintain the most appropriate posture no matter whether you sit or stand up. You can buy a posture corrector through anonline store as well.