May 10, 2021

An electronic muscle stimulator – abbreviated EMS – is a special device that is designed to stimulate your body muscles externally. It uses a technology called Transcutaneous Electric Muscle Stimulation on the target muscles. It comprises low electrical energy that offers a tingling sensation. With that said, an electric muscle stimulator can deliver a variety of benefits, and listed below are some of those for your reference. 

  • To relieve pain 
  • One of the most noticeable benefits associated with an electric muscle stimulator is its pain-relieving ability. It applies a gentle pulse with a massaging motion on the affected muscles along with warmth. As a result, it will boost the healing process. Moreover, they even offer deep muscle stimulations that work as a superb treatment to address muscle fatigue. 

  • It offers gentle muscle massage 
  • EMS offers a rotating motion on the affected area. It exercises the respective muscles in a gentle manner without necessarily having to engage in physical exercises. In addition to that, it offers contraction and relaxation which are much needed for muscle toning and development. However, if you need a vigorous form of exercise, you will have to rely on heavier workout schedules. 

  • They can stimulate the endorphin production 
  • Endorphin is the hormone that has the ability to block your pain stimuli. As a result of releasing more endorphins, you will feel less pain and reduced discomfort. Endorphins can block the nerve endings as well and the hypothalamus will not receive the transmissions sent through the nerves. As a result, the hypothalamus will not respond and there won’t be a corresponding reaction. 

  • Increase your blood circulation 
  • When you stimulate a particular muscle, it will also experience an increased blood flow. Our muscles comprise arteries, veins, and capillaries to circulate blood properly. If you stimulate those muscles and boost their blood circulation, those muscles will work in a very efficient manner. 

  • It restores the balance of your body 
  • An electronic muscle stimulator can restore the balance of your body specifically because of the smooth muscle contraction it offers. Homeostasis is considered to be the internal balance and your body achieves balance by balancing and healing. However, many individuals experience a lack of balance due to circulatory and immune dysfunctions. An electronic muscle stimulator can help your body to gain that balance by stimulating circulation. 

  • It promotes healing 
  • Thanks to the increased blood circulation, more nutrients and oxygen are distributed to affected areas. So, the muscles will heal quicker than the normal rate. 

  • Muscle stimulation promotes toning 
  • Electric muscle stimulation offers a massaging motion with a tingling sensation as mentioned before. This specific reaction has the ability to promote the toning of your muscles. However, you should not consider it as the main method of toning. Instead, you can couple it with your regular workout regime. 

    By combining your regular workout sessions with an electricmuscle stimulator, you can expect better results. You can choose a good muscle stimulator by visiting an online store