May 10, 2021

A spinal decompression belt is a special device that has proven results in treating various issues related to your back. It comes with a very special style with a distinctive design to alleviate pain in your back. By wearing the correct type of spinal decompression belt, you can switch back to the regular, productive lifestyle which is otherwise hindered by backaches. 

In fact, the functionality of a decompression belt is based on practical and scientific principles. If you use the belt correctly (which is very easy), you can experience its results quickly. The functionality of a decompression belt starts when it is inflated. It features a unique air-cell extension technology to reduce the loading pressure in your lower back. It is done in order to secure the area between the rib cage and the pelvis. The lower back region will be stretched out in a vertical direction. As a result, the weight-bearing force will be assigned to a vertical alignment. Also, it will decrease the potential forces that are generated in your lumbar spine. That will substantially lessen the back pain that occurs due to compression forces. 

You can connect the air pump to the decompression belt using the air nozzle. You can turn the nozzle so the belt will be deflated. These belts are manufactured using a comfortable and breathable material (cotton liner). A secure strapping is also provided so you can adjust the belt with ease. 

This specific belt is ideal for those who have undergone a surgical procedure in particular. Also, the same belt can be worn by those who expect to undergo such treatment in near future. In addition to that, it would be an ideal solution for those who demand stronger support on their lower body. 

This is regarded as ambulatory lumbar traction. That means you are free from machines and you are not tied to anything. It allows you to walk, sit or even work while wearing the device. You can change the force of this device simply by using the hand pump. 

With traction, you can expect encouraging benefits and helpful management related to all types of disk problems and spinal injuries. As of today, millions of users have used spinal decompression belts already and they praise the functionality of these devices. 

Benefits of spinal decompression belts 

Mentioned below are some of the most significant benefits associated with spinal decompression belts. 

  • They can provide relief on herniated lumbar disk condition 
  • To alleviate back joint strain 
  • To provide significant support to those who suffer from degenerative disc disease 
  • It May be helpful for those who experience Spondylolisthesis 
  • Can be helpful if you have undergone lumbar fusion surgery and recovering 
  • To alleviate the pain associated with compression fractures 
  • To reduce lower back pain 
  • To reduce muscle strain 

That said, if you want to buy a good spinal decompression belt, you can visit a reliable store and do it online.