May 10, 2021

In general, a bandage is considered to be a material that allows your body to heal faster. However, a compression bandage is somewhat different from a regular bandage because it is used to put pressure on a specific area. The pressure applied to the area will lead to various benefits. For instance, it will prevent edema and swelling. Moreover, it increases your blood circulation so the patient will be able to manage the conditions in a better way. 

Compression bandages come in two ways 

There are two main kinds of compression bandages: short stretch compression bandages and long stretch compression bandages. 

Short stretch compression bandages are generally worn in the limbs such as fingers and regions of the legs. Those bandages are used to address conditions such as venous ulcers, lymphedema, and even small wounds. Short stretch compression bandages come with properties that shorten the respective area simply by applying consistent pressure. 

Another important thing is that these short stretch compression bandages do not necessarily exert increased pressure when the respective area is inactive. As a result, you don’t have to worry about the accumulation of fluids in the respective area. Because of that, these bandages are ideal for those who expect long-term healing. In addition to that, these types of compression bandages are designed in a way so they will resist pressure that occurs due to internal muscle contracts or moves. Therefore, these bandages are ideal to be worn no matter whether you are asleep (but it is not recommended). 

On the other hand, long compression bandages are applied over larger regions – just like the name suggests. For instance, they are applied on a large portion of the limb. They can apply pressure over the area but they also come with higher resting pressure. 

So, it is important for patients to remove those compression bandages when they rest. Long stretch compression bandages have that name because they can stretch to a considerable length. These bandages are known as a very important part of the healing process for various conditions such as complex physical therapies, lymphoedema, and so on. Those who are supposed to use compression bandages as a part of their recovery process will have to ensure that those bandages are removed at night. That is because they can appear too tight so they won’t be able to sleep comfortably. 

In addition to that, there areleg compression bandages that are designed specifically for those who engage in sports activities and recover from previous injuries. These compression bandages are able to cover the entire leg and increase muscle awareness. As a result, they will be able to experience a better sports performance. It will also allow muscles to heal faster. These are ideal for active individuals. 

They are made out of comfortable materials that are perfectly breathable. Also, they come with non-slip gel straps to keep the bandage in place. You can buy a top-quality compression bandage simply by visiting an online store