Pocket Muscle Massage Gun


If you are looking for a minimal and portable massager, then our Pocket Muscle Massage Gun is the best choice for you! This ultra-small and lightweight massaging device measures only around 14.2 centimeters, even smaller than an adult's hand! It can fit inside your purse, pocket, or belt bag. Perfect for on-the-go massage needs.

  • A fully-charged battery can last up to 90 days: The massager gun uses a 2500mAh high power lithium battery which supports type-c quick charging. It can be used continuously for about 90 days if you use the device for 10 minutes in low gear a day.
  • Four adjustable speed levels: It has four adjustable speed levels that can cater to your massage needs. It also uses a new technology where it has a noise-reducing function making the machine work as silently as possible.

Product Specifications

Weight: 500g
Length: 142mm
Noise: 40dB - 60dB
Battery: 2500mAh lithium battery

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

very fast shippment - great and safe package - device is really well designed and built. after a short check i could say it works absolutely quit and comfortable in the hand.. no bad vibration during holding it. The motor seems really powerful and even in lowest gear you can feel the massage strong. Thanks for that great device


Hi there. It came in a week through the Russian Post. Packed well. Charged, tried everything works. Thank you seller.


The message gun arrived from China to Europe in 11 days even during the Chinese New Year, the seller works hard and seriously, the delivery is very quick. And the message gun is very very good, powerful, very effective, I gave a message to each person in my family, even my 3 years old baby likes it to message her feets. Very recommend product and sellers, perfectly experience! Thank you!


This unit is awesome. I have several of them as I'm a health care provider and this one is great quality and is a real pleasure to use on patients. I highly recommend this item.


very effective